3 Key Factors Expert Bloggers Do To Grow Their Blogs Into Successful Businesses


Do you want to learn the know-how of writing a perfect blog? Are you curious to find the secrets behind successful blogging? Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

It is time to channel your passion and energy into your blogs and start a profitable business out of it. Hone your blogging skills by adopting these important things used by various well-established bloggers. Check them out here!

Here are a few things successful bloggers from all around the world do. Follow their footsteps to step up your blogging game.

1: Usage of various email opt-in invites

Never underestimate the engagement you can get from email opt-ins! It can help with building traffic on your site if used properly.

Most of the successful bloggers you know have a proper Call to Action on each page of their blogs, inviting the readers to subscribe to their content. This way, more readers can opt-in to the email list.

Thereby resulting in more engagement. Since we are so used to invites, we often ignore them! So, it is important to be smart while using them.

Use multiple opt-in invites but find the right balance so that it doesn’t annoy the readers either. Welcome your audience, or make use of an exit pop up to engage the audience. Track the options which are increasing or decreasing the traffic and employ them accordingly.

2: Effective utilization of “Above the fold” space

The area visible before you scroll down through a page is called “Above the fold.” It is a highly noticeable part of your blog and leads to maximum action from the audience.

It can communicate the benefit statements or flaunt your social profile. You can even include opt-in invites and proof of authority to hold the attention.

Keep the “Above the fold” area concise so that the users can read the content you have put without getting interrupted. You have to first contribute to their interest and then use the calls to action.

This way, they can willingly sign up out of utter curiosity about your other blogs too.

3: Use a static front page for collecting personal information

The style and structure of the homepage have been changing continuously over the years. In earlier times, the entire content of the latest blogs used to be put up on the front page.

Later, it got reduced to excerpts. After a little more while, came proper grids with titles and images. Now, the homepage looks modern and induces users to take particular actions.

The main thing is to focus on the “Above the fold” of the front page. Ask the users to sign up for your email list and include other opt-in invites as well. Make the homepage as engaging as you can because it represents your site.

Wrapping it up

You can follow the methods of expert bloggers to take your blogs to a higher level. Other factors like the consistency of the blogs, social media interaction with the audience, and promotion are also essential to look into.

In spite of that, everything comes down to great content. So, keep putting what you love into it and make it engaging for your audience.

Freddie Cammell

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