5 Ways You Can Use To Come Up New And Exciting Ideas To Create Content Around


Being a blogger is an exciting and challenging job, that’s for sure! But coming up with new and fresh ideas to create content around can be tough.

It’s essential to keep the readers engaged with fresh content and something they can relate to or make use of. Yet, sometimes it does become tough for bloggers to come up with these new ideas on a daily basis.

So how do you fix this?

Every writer has, at some point, faced writer’s block. Sourcing new content writing ideas can become a challenge. Keep reading to find out ways in which you can come up with great-quality and innovative content!

There are different ways you can make sure you won’t run out of content to write about. Here, we will discuss a few of the best ones.

1: Mass creating topic lists

When you are settling down to write a new blog, you should already have a topic at hand. It’s imperative that you do not just start with an aimless approach. It’s better to construct a long record of prospective topics after brainstorming as and when you get an idea.

Take a day where you will spend your entire time researching prospective topics. Research subjects for new and engaging ideas. Create your topic list in a big bunch.

These topics should last you at least a month and a half. This will increase your efficiency in writing as well. You can now bring out a lot more content.

2: Social media 

Social media is an excellent place to look for interesting content. Start with your followers and see the type of content they are putting out. Look out for what can benefit you in terms of coming up with new ideas.

If that way does not work, you can even put up a question on your account. Replies will flood in, and you can sort through and check what works best for you.

3: Comments on your blog posts

Go through your blog posts comment section. Each post will contain some ideas that you can take up. This not only gives you a chance to communicate with your audience in a way but also allows you to provide them with content that they have asked for. The comment section is an amazing source for the generation of ideas.

4: Discover content through your industry peers

You can check out the other popular websites that deliver similar content to yours. Browse through these websites blog posts and try and gain inspiration from there.

This not only gives you a chance to see how these blogs perform but also gives you an understanding of what you can enhance in yours.

5: Use your data and analytics 

One of the easiest ways to find out what your audience likes is by checking your analytics. You must study your top-performing articles and see what made it unique.

Try writing about topics complementing that. Look for patterns that you may find there between the most viewed posts.

You can always visit the comments section in these posts to see what more your audience may want. It will give you a clearer idea of what to write on.

Summing up

Even with these five ways that we have mentioned, there are many others too to create a flow of ideas. Each blogger may have a certain way to get their brain juices flowing. See what works for you and stick to that.

Freddie Cammell

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